Success Story

Our eight year old is an avid reader and is reading well above her grade level. Her CAT test scores show that she is well above the national average in all of her subjects. Some of her scores, including science, social studies and math placed her more than 4 years above her grade level based on her age!

The curriculum at the school is so logical and intelligently organized. She can just expand her understanding on a gradient level, but always feel challenged. She has an energy and passion for learning about just about anything she can get her hands on. It is a joy to watch!

The science checksheets are often so interesting, we learn things ourselves just talking with her about them. Her knowledge of history and the world around her is increasingly apparent every day. Her love of reading just about anything she can get her hands on is also a pleasure to watch.

Overall, she is becoming very capable of taking on just about anything that she wants to learn about in terms of her ability to study. This program is giving her the tools that she will need to succeed in life!

-Ability School Form 2 parent
Success Story

Rachel never liked school before coming to The Ability School. She was easily frustrated
and fidgety. She never felt as smart as the other kids in her class.

We came to The Ability School because we liked that Rachel could move at her own speed.
She wasn’t being measured against other children of the same age, but only against herself. We
liked the idea that the kids had PE every day and not just once a week. We thought the children
were well-mannered and engaged when we visited the school.

The Ability School is everything we had hoped for and more. Rachel came to us after about
three months of school and said, “I have a secret. I like school!” We were thrilled! Rachel is
learning. She is highly motivated. She is pushed, but not to the point of frustration. She is
learning. She has really nice friends. The teachers really know the kids and the kids really know
the teachers.

Each teacher is respected and each child is respected. The children are learning. Diversity
is not only respected, but embraced. The school is truly a community where there is open
communication between the students, parents and staff.


-Ability School Parent
Success Story

Since Nigel has started at the Ability School we have seen him grow tremendously. He started the school year not reading or writing much and in just a few months he is reading and loving it. He is very proud of
himself and so are we.

Nigel is our third child. His two older sisters went to public school, so I can attest to the fact that the Applied Scholastics technology far surpasses what is used in public school. The kids actually learn what they are being taught and they love doing it.

We are very pleased with his progress and recommend the program to our friends.

Dr.Tyran and Nicole Mincey

Success Story

Our youngest daughter who just turned five is already reading very well, doing math and has a general love for her teachers and the school!
It's a very nurturing environment for her!

Lower School Parent.