lower school

A student’s first encounter with formal education should be one that nurtures natural curiosity and enthusiasm while channeling the child’s energy in a positive manner through hands-on activities and projects both in and out of the classroom. 

Our Lower School students are given a firm foundation in the basics of reading and mathematics as well as being taught the subject of learning itself and how to properly go about it for the most effective results.  These basics along with art, music, cultural studies, geography, history and physical education form the daily studies of the Lower School.

Each day our students from ages 4-8 years old engage in seminars, handwriting lessons, one-on-one reading time with their teacher in addition to manipulative play and physical education. We advance our students based on ability as opposed to age. By the time our young students complete the lower school they are highly independent learners with an enthusiasm to learn more and the knowledge that they can find out or learn anything.