head of school

For over 40 years, Ability School’s mission has been to assist students in becoming productive, highly motivated, self-paced learners while simultaneously advancing through our unique study program.

Children are born into this world with a natural curiosity about life and an innate thirst for knowledge.  At the Ability School these native drives are encouraged and allowed to flourish in an engaging and fun-filled environment.   Equally vital to your child’s well being is the ability to make rational decisions regarding survival.  Therefore we regard the child’s developing sense of judgment and reasoning skills as proper tools for a happy and successful life.
The end product of an Ability School education is a self-determined student who can take what has been studied in school and use that knowledge in the real world to continue to learn and achieve success.  We believe the student is entirely capable of creating his own future if given the proper tools.
We invite you to join us so you and your child can experience the joys of true learning.
Joan Marrazzo