enrichment program

Ability School offers an ongoing enrichment program. Designed for students aged 4-13, this affordable program offers both group and private tutoring. Experienced teachers work one on one or in very small groups with your child to enhance learning and improve specific skills in reading, comprehension, writing or math. Additionally, individualized programs can also be created to focus on teaching your child study skills for life.

Individualized schedules can be arranged by calling the school.

This valuable program is open to both outside and Ability School students.



“My son Kyle had very basic skills pertaining to reading, sight words, letter recognition and sounds. After two weeks at Ability School’s Saturday Enrichment Program, Kyle's public school teacher asked me "what are we doing" at home with Kyle? His love for learning, focus and animated reading skills soared in that two week period! His confidence level and ability to read enhanced his enthusiasm towards learning. 

Thank you for making learning fun and giving Kyle the tools for measurable success.”

our enrichment program is run by our teachers who are trained in a precise study method that can untangle any student or enrich the education of those who are already flourishing.

For more information about the Ability School Enrichment Program, please contact us at 201-871-8808 or e-mail info@abilityschoolnj.org

Group rates $30/hour
Private tutoring $50/hour.