our approach

“The most important thing to know about Ability School is that it teaches essential basics that will be sustained even after students graduate.  The scholarship and knowledge I gained is invaluable, and I will carry it with me throughout my formal education and beyond.”


In compiling its curriculum, Ability School focuses on two factors: strong use of basics and knowledge that can be used by the individual later in life to achieve success.

A firm grasp of the basic subjects of reading, writing, arithmetic, spelling and handwriting sets the foundation for later study and ensures that our students gain a genuine understanding of these subjects.

Ability School uses a very successful reading program developed by Heron Books™ and The Delphian School, an educational facility in Oregon.  The reading program gradually takes its students through increasingly difficult books and areas of knowledge and gives them a greater ease and appreciation of reading, as well as, significantly increasing their ability. The books are chosen for their constructive content, literary importance and high moral value.  The reading program, which is used by many schools around the country, has demonstrated excellent results.

Ability School has a full and rich curriculum including music, creative writing and art and extracurricular activities.

Rather than place a child based on age or time spent on a particular level, Ability School builds individualized programs for each child. Because our students are on individualized programs, we can enroll or advance students throughout the school year at any time.

Ability School employs a system of Forms rather than grades

Our program is unique and successful, employing a rich curriculum that sets a strong foundation at its earliest levels and builds on itself. Each student studies at his or her own pace, achieving 100% mastery before advancing. Some students work at a faster pace than others, and some require more time on a particular subject. 

We use the concept of Forms rather than Grades as a way of advancing students at their own pace. Some Forms are one year in length while others may be longer. Although Forms can be similar to grades in terms of age level, it is possible for a younger or older student to study at his or her own pace with real success within this system.

At every level, students learn valuable study skills that will last them a lifetime. They learn to remove barriers in their studies so that they can achieve 100% success in their studies and in life!